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Real Rain!

It was only a 20 minute shower, but it was rain- real rain! The first we have seen in over two months. It’s funny- we were complaining about rain in California, and here we were in Nevada, standing in the huge pelting drops getting soaked and loving it! I think God made humans to never be satisfied with what they have because that “hole” in their hearts is God-shaped and can’t be filled with anything else.

We arrived at “El Dorado” which used to have a store/bar/etc., but is now a small RV park, just before the rain storm. We had lovely big trees for shade and a bathroom! Luxury! The shower in the bathroom was not hooked up to a hot water tank, but after getting our late start because we stayed up and watched the concert, we were plenty hot. We enjoyed our freezing cold shower….. for one refreshing minute!

The horses were highlined for the night. (This means that a rope is strung between two trees and the horses are tied to the rope so that they can stand or lay down, but can not reach the tree to chew the bark off.) There were piles of sticks around those trees that had clearly been gathered there, but we knew the horses are smart enough not to walk through them and hurt themselves on the sticks during the night. We were right, but we forgot one important thing- Satchmo, our 5 year old. In the middle of the night, we were wishing we had moved them, as Satchmo had great fun grabbing them in his teeth and throwing them all over the place. And not just the little twigs, but small trees! What a mess we had to clean up in the morning!

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