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Red Rock Canyon

We are slowly making our way to Utah’s treasure- red rock formations. Today, we rode out of Circleville (with goodies in our pack from a surprise visit from Kathy in Beaver) to head towards Kingston Canyon. We rode past a large dairy farm and talked to a couple of the guys there for a while. They gave us directions on how to cut straight over the mountains to Antimony, but we ended up deciding to stay down low and go through the canyon to save Fiddle’s back. Her saddle sore opened up a little after all the downhill off the last mountain, so we still haven’t conquered the cause of the sores yet.

But the ride through the canyon was gorgeous. There was a river, large red rock cliffs with caves and rock spire formations, and trees. The road wasn’t busy and it was quite a nice ride. Again- the change of scenery is incredibly welcome! The only bad part was a section where the canyon widened out and the river slowed down. The mosquitoes nearly carried us away. The horses weren’t the only ones agitated and hurrying this time! Thankfully, it only last 20 or 30 minutes.

We watered our horses at an RV park by a fenced off lake (the river had been fenced off the whole way too), then continued toward Antimony to the Lindgren’s home. Matt Parker, a previous coast to coast rider 8 or 10 years ago, had stayed with them and they welcomed us too. On the way, we met the Lindgren’s dear friend, Michael, and he gave us directions for a shortcut through the foothills to their home. We were glad to save two miles and cut our long 28 mile day into a 26 mile day.

No sooner did we arrive at their house, when Michael showed up with two daughters and they helped us untack our horses, groom them, and set up camp in the Lindgren’s apple orchard. Since neither Ole or Kenda Lindgren were going to be home for another day and a half, Michael took us back to his house for “dinner and a shower”. (Now more prized than “dinner and a movie!”) We had a great visit with his family and enjoyed stories of their 10 years of living in the Amazon.

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