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Reflections- #1

As we wait at the May Ranch in Minden, Nevada area, I will share with you a few meandering thoughts and reflections about our experience on this cross country ride thus far. Apache is making baby-step improvements, but at least it is in the right direction. Jeannette is feeling much better, but still suffers from vertigo after the nasty cold. Once she is recovered and strong enough to continue, we expect to head on down the trail once again, but taking it slow until Apache is fully recovered.

As you can imagine, a stop for this long has been quite frustrating. However, it is yet again testament to God’s timing and provision. First, it is a blessing that both Jeannette and Apache were sick at the same time- not to mention that we have a host family who has welcomed us to stay for this long. But a recent connection just blew us away concerning the timing. We got connected with the supervisor of the Nevada portion of the American Discovery Trail and he is meeting with us in a couple days to go over maps, tricky sections, and areas where we will need back up with water and horse feed. We had hoped to be getting through this hot, dry area of the country before the dead of summer, but it turns out that they are doing trail work through the months of June and July- which is exactly when we will be going through. This means that numerous members of the American Discovery Trail will be accessible to us, even in the remote areas, and we will have frequent access to help – water in particular.

This reminds me of the many other times we had delays- especially through California. We had a major accident, logistical issues, nearly a 100 mile detour due to snow, and growing delays due to Apache’s health. It was encouraging to be moving forward, but it seemed that there was no end to the hardships. Many people, however, have encouraged us that these are just the growing pains of the beginning and surely it will smooth out soon. But despite all these delays, one thing remains constant- God’s provision and timing. Each time there has been a delay, there has been a very specific person or group of people who have had the skills or connections necessary, as well as the willingness, to help us through the particular trial. Even down to the collection of delays- we now have perfectly timed help all the way through the remote areas of Nevada! If we have learned anything through this, it is that even the most carefully created plans are only guidelines. They get you started and point you in the right direction, but then you figure it out (or pray it out!) from there. But that’s life, isn’t it?


  1. Hi Richard and Jeannette, I can see that life just keeps on being interesting for you guys! Well, you didn’t want a dull trip did you? And to see God’s hand in so much already….wow! your testimony is going to be way more interesting!
    Sorry you have been sick. Me too. For two weeks. I have been caring for the Granddaughters for the last weeks of their Mom teaching school. All three were sick with flu and I got it too. I just stayed with it till the last day and then came home to bed and rest. Getting better each day, my voice has not come back yet very good…a little froggy. But I did not have the dizzyiness you all did. Mine is coughing, yuck! I have done a little sewing and quilting and the outdoors is really calling to me too. I kinda chuckled when I saw that Richard had filled up my wood rack when you were here, because after all it was so late in the season….well, we used ever stick of it and filled it up again! So thank you for doing that and having such good foresight! I got your sweet message by phone, when i have my voice back i will try and call you….hopefully you are on the road again soon. Love you both, janet

  2. It’s all a journey of the heart….and yours is huge! Trust the process. Glad you are meeting with NV Sup. of ADT. Thanks for the updates! Keep recharging your batteries! Love, Terry

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