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Reflections- #3

I’m a pretty independent gal. I’m confident, passionate, and a big dreamer. When we were in Wyoming preparing for this ride, we thought of everything possible that we might need to be self sufficient. We had our tent, 3 weeks of dehydrated food at a time, a solar shower, first aid kit, repair supplies, etc, etc. We weren’t trying to be proud, but prepared. The only help we would need would be our friend at home to send us boxes as requested…………   ha ha ha!!!!!!

If you have been keeping up with the blogs, you know that this is anything BUT what we have encountered! Sometimes God likes to use interesting experiences to teach us lessons. I think we all have pride to swallow in some amount. We learned how much we need other people- even when we thought we could make it on our own. And I don’t mean just a hot meal and some water- I mean serious needs that would have sent us home had someone not stepped up and filled that need.

It has taught us just how much God looks out for us as individuals,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA just how much we are truly not meant to be hermits (even when that sounds enticing), and how much we can not be overly proud of our own accomplishments- because if you are truly honest with yourself, you couldn’t do it without at least a little help from someone else.

And I’m sure glad that our future is usually hidden from us. As I said before, had we known how much we would have had to rely on other people just to get from point A to point B, let alone for serious needs- we never would have left! But God let us believe in the illusion of our own self sufficiency (which I am sure will be tested in other ways in remote areas) so that we would step out in faith and have this incredible experience.

While we’re on the topic of lessons learned, Richard wanted to share that one never really knows one’s true commitment level until you dive in with both feet, experience a serious setback, and then you decide whether to keep going or not. He learned of his lack of true commitment and belief after he fell off the cliff with the horses. Since then, every grueling mile of facing fear head on has only cemented his commitment level and belief in success. It is true that joy is appreciated more after experiencing deep sorrow. I have found it is the same with Jesus. I did not appreciate the joy of having Him in my life until I first suffered from and admitted the pain and emptiness that sin- or even just the absence of Jesus- caused in my life.

So as for the independence- well that’s really only an illusion!

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  1. Awesome post, Jeannette! Amazing to hear how God is working in your hearts!
    And…um…Richard fell of a CLIFF? How’d I miss THAT one?

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