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Rejuvination and Relaxation

So after staying up really late with Dave and Carrie, compounded by the extreme comfort of the bed, add in the weather forecast showing another huge snow storm coming in a day, topped off by the fact that Dave was an exceptional host- all made it pretty easy for Dave to convince us that we needed to stay there to wait out the next big storm. How’s that for a run-on sentence?! :)

You see the cool thing about staying there was that he did not have a land line home phone or internet, and we did not get cell reception. Since there is always administrative and publicity work to do, Richard and I rarely take more than a couple hours just to rest and relax even on the days we are not riding. What was amazing about staying at the Gant’s house is that every time I thought of something to do, I remembered I couldn’t do it! It took a day to get in relax mode, but once we did, it was wonderful. It was like our own little oasis getaway for just Richard and I.

During the day we watched movies, stretched our sore muscles, spent time as a couple just talking and dreaming, read books, played games together, and watched the snow fall. The home was beautiful and the view over the lake was lovely to watch during the storm. It was also fun to watch the horses enjoying themselves on the 40 acres pasture surrounding the house. During the evening we had a blast visiting with Dave and Carrie and swapping stories.

Dave is an avid adrenaline junkie and loves to compete in ‘extreme cowboy’ timed events. He showed us pictures of galloping through high water, jumping obstacles, and even running his horse full speed into a trailer where he would grab the roof of the trailer at the last minute to pull himself out of the saddle, drop to the ground, and close the trailer door to make the fastest possible trailer loading time. It sounds like a pretty crazy but fun event for well rounded riders.

We even got to watch the Superbowl with the Gants and their friends. That was a fun evening of good munchies, company, and funny commercials!

We were utterly glad that Dave had convinced us to stay because it was a most amazing few days of relaxation. Plus the storm had dropped over a foot of snow again- back to back with the last storm that dropped that much. Plus this storm brought in three days of brutal cold temperatures that dropped well below zero and barely warmed to single digits in the day. It was a great few days to be inside and skip riding.

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