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Renegade Hoof Boots

First, Delta hoof boots gave us a partial sponsorship by donating a few pairs of boots for this trip. Then Easy Care joined in while we were still in California by donating a very large quantity of their hoof boots for our horses. Now the Renegade Hoof Boot company has donated a set of their boots to try on one of our horses. What better way to give honest feedback to these companies, as well as horse owners all over the country, by giving these boots a hard test day in and day out over all kinds of terrain and on all sizes of horses! We are grateful to all of these companies for their generosity and playing a huge part in the success of our ride. Barefoot horse owners- I am slowly collecting our observations, challenges, and suggestions for successfully owning and using a barefoot horse. Stay tuned…..

Chad, the Renegade approved barefoot farrier, drove on his own time all the way from northern Utah down to find us in Circleville. He fitted Apache for his new bright orange boots to ‘test drive’ them. They are a new company, so their sizes are limited, but we are excited about giving them a try.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Chad. He’s an excellent farrier, very passionate, fun and easy to get along with, and very knowledgeable. If you live near Huntington, Utah and are serious about a barefoot trimmer- we highly recommend him.

We also got to know the Newby’s a little better. They were pretty busy, but we did spend a little time with Kelsey and his mom, Tracy. I also nearly snuck out with the cutest little blue eyed kitten in my saddle bags. Too bad they were already attached to the little guy!

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