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Renewed Energy

After 13 days in a row in the desert- two of our toughest weeks yet- the horses were a bit ‘bedraggled’ when we got to Lynn and Lynette’s home. After four days of rest, good feed, and grain (donated by a wonderful friend of Lynette’s)- the horses were looking quite a bit better. They still needed a little more weight put on, but at least they were recuperating. When we left this morning, the horses were more energetic than we’d seen them in weeks! They obviously felt much better after some R and R! In fact, I could hardly keep Apache from trotting, and they were all a bit spooky and goofy! I’m sure it didn’t help that we were now riding along a busy road with motorcycles and big rig traffic after weeks in the middle of nowhere, but they settled down after about an hour. We were grateful that Lynette followed us with flashers for a while until we got through a narrow dam and canyon area on the road since we had our hands full with the horses acting spooky during that time! It made me smile, though, to see them so much happier after a rest.

For most of the day, we were able to ride along the side of the road through green grass. We saw more grass in the 18 miles we road today than in the last several weeks put together! We had to remind the horses to keep walking while they munched off the grain heads on the tall grass. At least they got lots of nutrition on the ride! 

Paul and Glenice were expecting us when we road down the driveway to their charming hand built cowboy log cabin. They greeted us warmly, helped us settle the horses in, and invited us in for a home made dinner of enchiladas. We had a wonderful visit with them and enjoyed every minute of their company. Paul was the first person we have met who listed off all of the challenges we were likely to encounter on such a long ride before we told him any of our stories- all of which were correct. Such immediate empathy was a surprise and a joy.

We camped under the stars in their front lawn and slept well, but only after I tied Apache up where he couldn’t sniff noses with their horses because I was tired of trying to sleep through their squealing! :)

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  1. I hope that you have found yourself in a good place just before you cross over the mountains in Delores. I have thought about you often and have tryed to help even after you left, by seeing if there was a horse that you could aquire. Sorry that did not work out:) I have found alot of pictures on my computer of your ride thru Boulder. It took awhile to get thru the them. You do sound as if you appreciate the help others give you… But there is a question in my head if you realize how much people give out to you? We are glad to have met you and hope that you will continue to have success. I hope that Sachimo doesnt stay lamed up.. Im glad you got other folks to help in the chiropractic help. Happy trails.

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