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Well, here we are on an unplanned rest day. We left the Mack ranch yesterday where the horses stayed while we went to my brother’s wedding. They were feisty, energetic, and eager for any excuse to spook! I’m sure their long rest and the high winds we were riding in didn’t help! We got started late in the day, after having a couple people stop by and visit, then we had a vet visit for Apache to do a blood test and check for Lyme disease. We are still trying to figure out the cause of his soreness. Since it was so late when we left, we rode a wopping 5 or 6 miles to our next stop- to some folks we had met at a church last week! They welcomed us with open arms and asked us to stay another night. We said we needed to keep riding. But after getting so little sleep in Connecticut for the wedding, we were feeling a bit run down. Richard woke up this morning and declared today a real rest day – not the kind where we do all sorts of mending, fixing, logistic planning, phone calls and such- but a real rest day where we just, well, rest! :)

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