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Scared of a barn

We were quite the pitiful pair in the morning. Energy- no problem. But my stomach was killing me, and Richard had strained his wrist. I couldn’t lift the saddles- then 30 minutes later- he couldn’t help me lift the packs! Thankfully, our hosts were good sports and hung out with us and helped us get the horses packed. Kelly also gave Richard a wrist brace.

We rode most of the day along Soule Rd. which was perfect for us. It was quiet, paralleled highway 50 very closely except for where it cut off  a mile where 50 had a bend in the road, and it was the original route of the Santa Fe trail. It was warm and beautiful so I spent some time catching up on phone calls. It’s pretty challenging talking on the phone in the cold- I have to use a pen to press the buttons because I’m sure not taking my gloves off! So it was nice to have a warm day where I didn’t need gloves.

I rode Chance today. Apache seems to have a slightly sore shoulder. I’m not sure if it has to do with the two tiny sore spots by his withers or if it is a separate issue. But it’s nice to have an extra horse so Apache can have the day off and not have to carry any weight.

We rode a long day today- 20 miles. We’ve been averaging 15-17 since we left the Rockies. The daylight forces shorter days, plus 20 miles a day was just getting to be too much for the horses. The sun went down long before we made it to our next host set up by Rob. We had a couple nice people stop and ask us if we needed a place to stay, and encouraged us that we “didn’t have far to go” to get to our host. We hear that all the time and it can mean anything from 1 mile to 10 miles! :) It was a good thing they had Christmas lights on their gate to identify the place or we would not have been able to see it in the dark.

The clouds had moved in, let loose a little hail, and the wind had begun howling by the time we got there. Richard found Zane and his friend waiting for us by the barn and they promptly ushered us in the barn to get out of the atrocious wind where we could unpack the horses. I honestly don’t know that Fiddle or Satchmo have ever been in a fully enclosed barn in their entire lives. The other 3 certainly have not been in a barn much- and not since we’ve owned them. They were all very nervous to be inside. It didn’t help that the vents in the barn were flapping like crazy due to the high winds. Satchmo barely held it together! We unpacked them quickly with the help of our new hosts, then put the  horses in their corral and hurried inside. We were utterly grateful for the indoor shelter on a stormy night like that one!

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