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Sick in Sebree

The morning after we arrived at the West’s home, the horses got a much needed and deserved chiropractic adjustment. It was the first one they’ve had since Pueblo, Colorado. We are very grateful for this donation from Momentum Chiropractic. When we got to the barn to catch the horses, there was a small troop of guys there to watch and probably to meet the crazy people who are riding all that way! We were amused because every truck but one was cherry red!  The chiropractor said we should look into treating  Apache for ulcers based on where the pain is in his back. It is not uncommon for horses under a lot of stress from trailering to many shows to get these, but I guess Apache has had more than enough stress on this ride. :(  After Dr. Ferguson was done with the horses, he agreed to take a look at Bella too. She wasn’t quite sure what she thought of her adjustment, but I know it helped!

 When we were done with the horses and visiting, we went back to our host’s place to try to find some medicine  for Apache’s ulcers. No one in the area carried any ulcer medicine for horses, so we looked online and ended up going homeopathic route yet again. It is far more cost effective and highly recommended by a vet we talked to! Now we just have to pray it heals his sore back.

The plan was to let the horses rest for a day so their adjustment could be more effective. But when we were waking up to head out in the morning, Richard was feeling very lousy. And, surprise of all surprises, it was raining again. It seems that riding in the rain for 2 weeks was finally catching up with us. Our sweet hosts practically begged us to stay and rest. Richard needed it so we did. It ended up being 3 days of sickness…. and rain.

Bella spent the time playing with their son’s 6 week old puppy, Mary. It doesn’t seem to matter how big or small her playmates are, she seems to be able be rough with the big dogs and gentle with the little ones. She just amazes us what a rare and wonderful gift she was to us. She had a good time, and like the rest of our trip, she thinks it’s all for her entertainment!

I got to witness a cool sight- a crop duster. We went over to check on the horses in the tobacco barn (a very unusual place to house a horse by the way… not exactly your normal horse safe enclosure but they handled it quite well), and while there, we watched the plane just skimming over the power lines as they sprayed the West’s wheat crop for fungus because of all the rain and water sitting around. About 35% of their crop had been drowned and ruined by the floods, but they are fortunate enough that they will at least break even, unlike some of their neighbors.

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  1. God Bless you all! I hope you can stay patient and remember the psalm “Be still and know that I am God”.

    I pray you are inside, safely out of this terrible weather. I pray that floods of folks come to your aid and make valuable donations of money, hospitality and equipment as you navigate this storm and your way through horse country. The storm pattern just stays on your route, so may God heal you, the animals and this land after all this devastation. The heartland meeds a rest God! PLEASE, WE PARY IN YOUR NAME. AMEN.

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