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Skirts and Horses

Shortly after the incident with the man and the hurt horse, we met a very interesting trio of ladies out for a girls day out in the woods. They were dressed in lovely western attire and skirts, long hair flowing, painted nails, and smiles. And they were cute cowboy boots and riding horses! I was so excited to meet them! How many girls still ride horses in skirts?! You see, I am perfectly comfortable and in fact LOVE dressing up- like prom dresses, ball gowns, western dresses, cute modern dresses- LOVE IT! And, as you know, I am perfectly comfortable in jeans and getting dirty. What a perfect combination- horses and skirts! I wished they lived near me and I would make them my friends! :) Who knows- that just might happen anyhow because I really liked them. We had a blast talking for a short time. One of the girls gave me the peacock feather out of her hat (to add it to mine- yes I have a peacock feather in my cowboy hat. Why? Because I think they’re pretty and I’m a girl and I can do that. Besides- I have a hawk feather and an arrowhead on the other side. Kinda symbolizes my two sides!) Then they gave us their lunch leftovers- crushed chips, 10 crackers, some nuts, and 6 Oreos! How sweet! The icing on the cake? They insisted I take their purple nail polish (my favorite color) and take a few minutes just for myself to be girly and paint my nails. So I did! :) You know, it’s kinda nice for a girl like me to know that there are other girls like me out there. It’s pretty rare to meet a woman who both loves the ranch and horse lifestyle, yet embraces being a girl too in every way. It’s a challenging to balance a hard working tough life- yet still allow yourself to be girly when you’re not working. It took me a long time to get there and it’s fun because people never know what to expect out of you, yet sometimes it’s lonely too because so few girls I meet can really relate to that. It was invigorating and inspiring for me to stand face to face with other girls- just like me! :) Needless to say, when I get home, I’m going to ride my horse in a skirt! Ladies- these pictures are in honor of your decision to embrace your ranching lifestyle and womanhood in a unique and individual way! Thanks for making me smile! :)


  1. My girlfriends & I have day dreamed about dressing up in “princess” gowns & taking our horses out for an adventure just for fun- Thanx for the inspiration!

  2. If you get to WV and stop near here, we’ll see what we can do to fix you up with some fancy dresses to try on & pose for photos. I have about 100 prom gowns in my closet…50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s & a couple recent ones too…an odd thing to collect. Jodi Harrington (cross country hiker 2008) told me later that she really wanted to try some on but was afraid to ask. From Parkersburg to near Clarksburg, about 72 miles, the trail is used for horses, bikes, and hikers…perfectly level, except for a slight rise where a bridge goes over the highway. We’ve been keeping up with your blog. All the hikers have stopped for the winter now and will begin again in the spring. Will you do winter travel or stop soon too?

  3. You ARE a rare woman, Jeanette! You bless me so much with your adventurous and undaunted spirit and your delight in being the woman God made and loves with all His heart! Cheers to your new friends with love from an old one!

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