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Sleeping until Noon!

I couldn’t believe it. I think I looked at the clock three times and asked Charlene another time or two because I just couldn’t believe it. I slept till WHAT TIME????!!!!  12:30. Yup. The clock really said 12:30!!!!!! That was 13 and 1/2 hours of solid sound deep sleep! Talk about exhaustion! I haven’t slept that late in years. Even though we stopped for a few days at Lynn and Lynettes, Richard and I didn’t really get any down time. Unfortunately, it caught up with us at Max and Charlene’s house. Lesson learned (once again) – if you don’t rest out of discipline, you will be forced to rest sooner or later. And that’s exactly what happened.

We relaxed and did nothing but feed the horses, visit with Max and Charlene, and take vitamins to try to stop our tickle of a cold coming on. It’s not like the day was that long anyhow- since I slept so late!

But the next day, Richard woke up with a fever and I didn’t feel much better. We spent most the day watching movies, swapping life stories with Charlene, and nursing our bodies. Ditto on the next day too. We really got hit with this cold. But Charlene and Max fed us well- especially with fresh corn out of their garden- and treated us like family. I made several phone calls to family that I had not talked to in months, as well as ordered a couple minor gear items that needed to be replaced from all the use.

We finally started to feel better, and spent a day trimming our horses hooves, as well as the hooves on their beautiful stallion. The horses are looking much better now, thanks to all the good feed they have had lately. We are very grateful for all the help we have received after such a tough desert crossing. I speak for the horses on that too!

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  1. I hope you all are feeling better now. I’m sure you were just so worn out. I pray the trip gets better and no more times without water or feed, for all of you. It makes you believe in people again when ones you don’t even know take you in and care for you. They are truly gifts from God and a blessing. My continued prayers for you.
    Pastor Lori

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