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“Snowstorm of the Century!”

While my parents in Connecticut are under four feet of snow and our home town is under more than three feet of snow, we’ve been coasting along with dry ground. Praise God! But it was our turn to get hit with a major snow storm. Hey, why not add a little more spice to our adventure!?

We went to sleep Monday night saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” We’ve been warned several times this winter that the impending snow storm was going to be big. They all dropped a max of 4 inches and it melted within a handful of days. But the weathermen had this thing pretty hyped up. Our friend in Stockton, MO where we are heading next was pretty excited about the storm too. It was predicted to be a record breaking storm across many areas of this country. We’ll see, we’ll see.

Well on Tuesday, it started slow, but it ended up dumping quite a bit of the white stuff. There’s probably a little more than a foot on the ground.

But we’re in Kansas.

Kansas has wind.

Alot of wind.

And so the snow drifts…. 3-4 feet high… sometimes more… with only a foot of snow!

The ditches where we have been riding are more than full of snow, so that’s out of the question. The fields are all fenced in, so no options there. And the roads are drifted high with snow. They aren’t even drivable. Hmmmm. Guess we have to hang tight for a couple days and let the road crews get things cleaned up a bit before we start riding again.

We have two families taking care of us. The Shields are feeding our horses and the Sharps own the building where we are sleeping. They are taking turns feeding us dinner and letting us shower at their houses. Delbert drove over through the snow to check on us with his tractor! Craig Sharp, a cattle rancher, let us borrow his feed truck a couple times. He had to borrow a neighbor’s huge round hay bale and put it on the back of the truck for weight in order to bust through all the snow drifts to get us back for the night from his house! THAT was a crazy few miles of driving! (But exciting!)

Richard ended up picking Craig up the next morning in that truck to bring him to his ranch for work because his little Toyota got stuck in a drift. Craig is also letting Richard earn a few bucks by having him help at the ranch clearing snow, feeding cows, and other projects. I am kept busy with the office work…. and  bottle feeding a  baby calf!

The locals who have tractors of any sort are out plowing their own roads. We’ve seen only one plow truck go by in two days! It’s amazing how prepared Jackson Hole is for snow like this compared to the rest of the world that comes to a screeching halt for a few days.

We plan to head out again tomorrow. The roads are much better today but the thermometer said -14 today and the high is going to be in the low teens. At least tomorrow is supposed to reach the thirties. Looks like we’ll be riding in the roads for a few days until some of the snow melts a little. I guess our biggest prayer at the moment is for the snow not to turn to ice. As long as it stays a little powdery, we can ride on it. People seem to be driving pretty carefully though we may end up riding on the opposite side of the road from where we normally do so we can keep an eye on traffic better.

The East seems to be getting hit hard this year with snow. We were excited that we are seeing more water and more trees as a sign that we are approaching “the East!’ So maybe all this moisture in the form of white stuff is yet another sign that we are getting close to the eastern third of the country. Well hey, what’s winter without at least ONE exciting snow storm!?

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  1. Hi! This is Kelley from Salina Ks. I talked to you a couple of times on the phone. Just wanted to let you know I get a chuckle out of your blogs! My husband always asks me what Im laughing about and then I relay the stories to him and we both get to enjoy them together. We are praying for you. It really looks like God has His hand in this and I love how vulnerable youve made yourselves so that you can put your trust in Him.

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