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Many thanks- enjoy the news clip and photos

I have said before that I find it highly ironic that we have learned more about computers, websites, etc. while riding our horses across America than we ever knew before! This week was no different and after several days of frustration trying to create new blogs, I believe I have finally worked around the problem. So I do apologize for the gap in sharing our stories, but at least I managed not to pound this computer with a sledge hammer. :)

We have been so utterly blessed and supported during this last week of craziness here in Lexington. (I will share our stories of the journey to Lexington next, but I wanted you to see this one first!) Between the press conference, interviews, meetings with individuals from other ministries and organizations, speaking at Cowboy Church, attending various events, and meeting with veterinarians who have been taking care of the horses- we have had a full calendar!

So many thanks to the men and women who planned, attended, and spoke at the press conference at the Alltech arena in the Kentucky Horse Park- all for the benefit of Hearts Up Ranch and the glory to God. A very special thanks goes to Rick Curtis who represented the Mayor’s office and the city of Lexington. He honored us by giving the key to the city to us as a welcome as well as connected us to Tom Baker who has also been very helpful. Executive Director John Nicholson and the staff from the Kentucky Horse Park also deserve a special thank you, as the park welcomed us and is hosting our horses in their pasture. We were honored to get to know Rick Clark, the manager of “the Tradition” reining horse show, as he allowed us to use the facility as well as promoted Hearts Up Ranch throughout the show. To all three of these men- a heartfelt thanks for taking the time to speak at the press conference and for supporting us in our efforts to promote Hearts Up Ranch.

I also want to mention Susanna Thomas from the Secretariat Center, a thoroughbred rescue and adoption center, for initially hosting the horses, as well as the KEEP organization for publicizing the event, and to Equestrian Influence for their dedication and countless hours planning the press conference. A number of locals as well as several of our previous hosts and new friends attended to support us. Three TV stations and the Lexington newspaper also came and shared our story with the public. SO MANY THANKS to everyone for their support, encouragement, and networking for the benefit of Hearts Up Ranch and for making all our saddle sores worth while!

Please enjoy the links below to the ABC news broadcast and to the photos taken by the Lexington Herald.






  1. AWESOME!! So glad to hear about the event! I hope this will get the word out to MORE and MORE people about Hearts Up Ranch!

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