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Special Permission- a ride through Fort Churchill

Thanks to the men who manage Fort Churchill, we had a very memorable day. It started off with an argument about my seeming inability to get up early ( we are married after all- doing well but still have the occasional argument! ) but only got better from there. Ted and Trevor met us at our camp early in the morning to take pictures of us packing up and getting ready to leave, as well as riding down the road towards the fort. They got some pretty cool shots- so I handed them our camera too. We enjoyed the morning ride, as the horses again were moving at a pretty good clip, and the scenery was beautiful. At noon, we made our way up the short hill to Fort Churchill and met our welcoming crew. They gave us special permission to ride our horses through the ruins of the old fort, which was very much enjoyed. Despite my lack of interest in history, I have found riding across America lends me new appreciation for historical places when it takes much more effort to get there! Then they escorted us through their private ranch area over to the bridge on highway 95. They recruited park rangers to put their flashing lights on and followed us over the bridge, stopped traffic (two cars), and helped us cross. This red carpet treatment was deeply appreciated considering the extreme opposite experience we had crossing the bridge in Napa, California. We could have used those guys there with hundreds of cars zipping by with no room for us! They then showed us the way to the campsite by the river, which they also gave us special permission to use, at it was closed at the time. They set us up with an outhouse, picnic tables, and corrals for the horses. This would be the last water we would see for some time. We decided we would appreciate it despite the mosquitoes and brown river water that we drank!

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