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Spring is in the air!

Another reason the ride on my birthday was enjoyable- signs of Spring! Yaaaaaaay! :)

There were robins, red wing blackbirds, and blue birds fluttering around. We saw a swan in the river with the unique crossing, flowers budding, green grass growing, warmth in the air, and even one bunch of daffodils blooming! I haven’t seen daffodils blooming on my birthday since we moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming where winter never seems to end!

We also enjoyed watching all the baby calves frolicking. We are still in cattle country and in recent weeks, we frequently get to watch a wobbly newborn trying to keep up with its mom as we ride by. The yearlings herds also seem particularly feisty and often come running curiously up to the fence to get a closer look or run along beside the horses.

It’s such an encouraging feeling to know that winter is on its way out. We are certainly tired of bundling up so much it’s hard to get on our horses, wearing double face masks hopelessly trying to prevent windburn, using hand and toe warmers, and generally being sick of being cold. It’s soooo nice to have occasional days warm enough to take off gloves and hats and enjoy the warm sun- not to mention it’s much easier to go outside and get those miles in!


  1. it was very nice metin u yesterday i just wish we would have had the time to visit yall at youre camp but by the kids had homework I am lookin forward to following you through youre adventures have a safe journey yall will be in my prayers God Bless

  2. Having spent most of my life on the Plains, I can say that one of the best recent inventions is Windstopper(R) fabric. It is available in various outdoor clothing articles, including fleece. Enjoy a fine Spring! You may be crossing the Plains westbound in time to experience our singular Summer “blast furnace” South wind.

    But of course the message of Spring is new life and new possibilities. And since we are in Lent, it is all because Jesus’ tomb is empty that we have solid hope for renewal!

  3. Hi, Just me checking in and finding out how you are doing. Hope your weather is better than ours. We have had lots of rain and snow. take care. talk to you soon.
    Love, Karen

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