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“Squeaky Cheese”

I know, I know- we only rode one day- then stopped one day! But Beaver is well known for their cheese factory that makes cheese curds- better known as “squeaky cheese.” We were told many times that we couldn’t miss this local specialty! So we got there after hours- and they didn’t open until mid morning- so we just HAD to stop!

Actually, the real reason for our stop was to see Ted, the Nevada American Discovery Trail coordinator, one more time- as well as meet Lynn- the Utah coordinator. Ted joined us at the Flanagans for breakfast and a tape recorded conversation on our experiences with the trail across Nevada. We also enjoyed getting to know Kathy and Dayle better, and they helped us choose a route for our next mountain crossing. Dayle’s knowledge of the trails and years of experience in the forest service really proved helpful. I think we can safely say that the ‘coincidences’ of us meeting the right people at the right time have happened so regularly that God is really looking out for us.

After breakfast, Ted took us to the cheese factory where we enjoyed locally made ice cream and yummy cheese curds, then we drove up to the trail head we were going to take so we wouldn’t get lost tomorrow. We then met Lynn for the first time over lunch, and she generously gave us most of the detailed maps we will need for the entire state of Utah. Her brother was the man who scouted out the initial route for the American Discovery Trail! We look forward to working with her as we cross this state, but we will really miss Ted and Trevor. We finished the evening with Kathy and Dayle and many laughs and stories over dinner.

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  1. Happy Happy Anniversay!
    We see that you are in beautiful Boulder, Utah and think that is also a wonderful blessing as it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We also noticed that you found a gorgeous route across our beloved Boulder Mt; with the exception of possible huge thunder storms, we guess that you all had an enjoyable couple days there. Our hopes and prayers will follow with you for the rest of your adventure and especially the next few hundred miles across the south east part of the state of Utah.
    May your love for each other lift your sprits and carry you warmly along your way,
    Happy Trails,
    Kathy and Dayle

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