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Surprise visitors

We woke in the morning to the sound of galloping hooves. Our horses were loose! We jumped out of the tent- to find them still tied. We looked toward the stock pond and saw 4 horses and a mule staring intently at us! They had cow bells on, so we knew they weren’t wild, and somehow we ended up in their grazing area. We wondered if they had been abandoned since we were so far out. We had to wait until they had grazed a bit and taken their morning drink before we were able to let our horses out to graze.

While we were packing up, we heard a dog bark. That caught our attention! There’s a person nearby! Then two cowboys came into view and started yelling to- or maybe at- us. Richard went and talked to them since they were no doubt wondering what we were doing on their BLM grazing land. Apparently the horses weren’t abandoned. They guys were totally cool once they knew what we were doing and that we were moving on. Maybe we were the surprise visitors- not them!

Today brought a bit of new scenery- a surprise really. We crossed from BLM land into Forest Service land. There was literally a line of trees at the boundary signs, and we stepped into a new world. There were tall pine trees, aspen and a sense of home. We broke off some pine needles and took turns sniffing deeply into our lungs the wonderful scent of pine. It probably looked like we were passing a joint back and forth! It gave us energy and a spark of enthusiasm that we had lost somewhere back in the desert. It was a glorious day, full of deer sightings and our kind of beauty.

We didn’t see any water all day, so we were starting to get a little concerned when we met our second human being in one day! He was driving a ranch truck up the dirt road and we knew that we had to be getting close to Blanding. Thankfully, he knew where we could find a spring and he gave us good directions to it. There was a huge pile of bear poop right where we decided to camp! Apparently, he needed water too! Unfortunately though, it started pouring just as we got to camp. It was so bizarre going from desert to rainforest in one day! We learned quickly that our tent needs to be seam sealed after all those months in the hot sun. It kinda rained in our tent too!

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  1. Glad you had a little change in scenery. I’m sure you are happy to see something besides red rocks and dirt, even though I’m sure it was beautiful at first, I’m sure it can grow old. I love the scent of pine trees. Guess that’s the Wyoming girl in me. I bet even the rain was a nice change. Hope Satchmo is doing better. God bless and stay safe.
    Pastor Lori

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