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The colors of fall and another ‘coincidence’

The ride today was just lovely. We left Kris and Tim’s place to continue our meander up a quiet dirt road that wound us closer and closer to the trails in the mountains. The aspen leaves are in their peak color change, and just gorgeous. I think I took a picture around every turn! We ended up camping at a sharp bend in the road that wrapped around a small spring and grassy area. I left our mark again, on an Aspen tree. I know, I know- it’s addicting! But this time, I immortalized (at least for the life of the tree) our horses. It read “J & R McGrath  Coast to Coast on Horses  2010  Apache Satchmo Tiska Fiddle Chance”  – then I included the brand for Hearts Up Ranch. So if you ever take a Sunday joy ride to see the changing aspen down County Rd. S towards the mountains a few years from now, when you get to a bend in the road around 25 miles up, look to the right and remember us! :)

Since we were on dirt roads, we had to put the hoof boots on all the horses. The man made surfaces are the hardest on their feet, but that leads me to another “coincidence.” We have an extra horse, but didn’t have hoof boots ordered to fit him- because we didn’t know what size feet our new horse would have! Easy Care had just sent us a shipment for Tiska’s front feet- with an extra pair included. We almost sent the extra pair home to use later, but for some reason- we didn’t. Then Renegade sent us two new pairs of boots for Apache’s feet to replace the ones that wore out. We were going to take off the parts of the boot that were reusable, then throw out the worn out part. We were so busy looking for a new horse that we didn’t get around to that chore and still had thrown them out. Our new horse could have had any size feet. But he had just the size feet we needed him to have. Tiska’s front boots fit his back feet perfectly. So we have a brand new extra pair of boots that are now his. And the back boots that Apache was wearing are less worn out than the fronts and can suffice for a few more weeks- work on Chance’s front feet! They are a little big, but we cut the back of them back, so they are working just fine. And we wonder why we didn’t have time to just throw out a pair of boots or send a package! Ha ha! God really is a master of details- down to the hair on our heads. It amazes me time and again that He cares so much about us that He takes care of even silly little details like that. Yet it was important, because without hoof protection for our new horse, we still couldn’t have left. I’m telling you, this trip has made us learn to laugh at the idea of a “coincidence!” God is big, God cares, and His attention to details is mind boggling. It’s cool to get to know Him better on a journey that has demanded our trust in Him!


  1. God IS big! And He is for us, for our good! And He holds the whole world and all of the mind-boggling details in the palm of His hand! Thank you for your wonderful blog posts and pictures and reminders of God’s goodness! Love you, friends! And praying for you often!

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