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The Drive to California

Fueled by excitement and shaky nerves, we got as far as the Nevada border our first night. A nice gentleman let us stay in his cow pasture for the night. It was 14 degrees and we froze our toes! Glad we are starting on the coast with milder weather because going from a warm house to 14 degrees in one night was not my cup of tea! At least the horses didn’t care. Nevada was a long state to drive through- we had no idea it was so barren and wide open! The truck was acting up a bit, but we made it ok. The horses are troopers! They did wonderful. Everytime we stopped for them- they would drink, we’d walk them around, and then a couple of them would even roll! It took forever to get over Donner Pass. California really makes a production of snow! They made us buy chains for our trailer. We didn’t get to our friends’ house until 1 am. It was a 16 hour day and we were all more than ready to be off the road!

The next day, we let our horses out in our friend’s pasture. There is so much grass here we can hardly believe it! The horses ran and ran and ran! They are used to high altitude and 3 feet of snow, so they had a blast. It took them an hour before they even stopped running to start eating grass. We had a great time video taping them. We got to meet up with our friends Janet, Ed, and Vic- who is now setting up a benefit concert in Cool to celebrate our arrival back there in a few weeks.

The Country Inn and Stables Bed and Breakfast that we are staying at is quite nice. Satchmo and Fiddle are learning what a stall is- we could tell that they had never seen one! We put them out in a small pasture for a couple hours today to continue adjusting them to green grass. They are really adapting to all these changes quite well. It poured like crazy yesterday, so we  waited to ride and had our first relaxing day in a long time! We got to meet with Sandy Greenblat who was tremendously helpful in showing us trails to take from Point Reyes to Sonoma County. He gave us many helpful contacts as well.

Today, we got a specific California atlas (thank you Bernice for your suggestion) to help us get through some of the tricky spots that don’t have trails. A nice man at the book store in Point Reyes Station overheard what we are doing and gave us a donation for Hearts Up Ranch, and then the book store owner gave us the atlas. What a nice welcome to Point Reyes! We also talked to a newspaper photographer who is planning to photograph us on March 4th when we leave. We have lots more planning to do, but so far, it is going well. We look forward to the next week here. – J and R

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