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The Land of Oz

While in Kansas, we just had to go in search of Dorothy. We asked Rob and Joyce if Dorothy’s house even existed and if so, where? Their answer surprised us- yep- ‘Dorothy’s House’ was just south of them. So we took a half day trip down to Liberal, KS in search of all things Oz- like.

We knew we were close when the car GPS voice told us to turn right on “Yellowbrick Road.” We parked next to a life size statue of Dorothy, got our tickets, and followed a real life ‘Dorothy’ into the old house. We asked if it was the real house used in the Wizard of Oz, but she told us that the house used in the movie was a set built in MGM studios in New York. This was a similar era, style, and size house as Dorothy’s. It was decorated and furnished inside in antiques from that time. Our Dorothy guide then brought us to a warehouse building decorated inside with the basic Wizard of Oz story line. She guided us down the ‘Yellowbrick Road’ where there were scenes of the Good Witch and  Munchkins, the Scarecrow in the field, the Lion, and the Tin Man, as well as Emerald City. We finished in a room of memorabilia from the  movie. I was expecting more of a collection of actual things used in the movie, so I was a little disappointed. But considering that we were told that the ruby slippers are worth 2 million per pair (there are 7 of them), I guess the props are worth too much and are probably in the Smithsonian. However, the one really cool thing there was the actual model house that was used in the movie when the tornado took it up in the sky. At least we can say this: we have not seen Dorothy’s tornado! :)


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