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The Long Awaited Update!

It is our joy and pleasure to be getting back in touch with all of our Ride Across America and Hearts Up Ranch supporters. After months of preparation, we FINALLY got our first newsletter in the mail last week and clicked send on the email version as well on Monday!  It has been our great desire to stay in touch, as you all mean so much to us and we truly miss you. But it’s amazing how life can get away from you at times!

The newsletter was actually written back in the spring and we intended to send it out right away. But it was an unexpected and grueling process of compiling all of the contacts of hosts, friends, supporters, and helpers we met on our ride into a useable format. We spent many lunch breaks at work, evenings, and weekends typing and typing…. And typing! We finally were offered help by our new and dear friend, Clea Connors, who was an absolute Godsend helping us finish this project.

Additionally, you may notice several changes, updates, and improvements on the website. At one point, the website went completely down, then we switched the site over to a new server and web master, which of course caused several other challenges that took time to fix. We decided to get all of the bugs worked out before we sent out the newsletter.

At long last, it is probably in your hands by now! If you did not receive one, please do contact us. All future newsletters will be via email and we would love if you would sign up by clicking the button so we can continue to stay in touch! It is the easiest way to communicate with a large number of people who we care about immensely. If you do not have email, please call us as we will happily send a hard copy of each newsletter to you. Enjoy the update and please know once again that it is from the bottom of our hearts that we thank you for being part of our success.


PS- I believe I forgot to mention in the newsletter how we got home! 8 different drivers- most of whom were previous hosts, got together on a trailer relay and each took a few hundred mile section and drove us all the way home! It was exciting to change trailers at least once a day at a truck stop or some other pre-planned meeting spot where we would connect with our next driver. It was so fun to see our host friends again and just a wonderful, blessed time of decompressing from the finish. What a joy it was to finish the ride in this finale show of support and love from those we met across America.

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  1. I am so glad to find this page. It gives me hope.
    Times have been hard for me and many others in Texas. I have been without steady employment for over a year now. The last 6 months have been the worst. I determined that end of May I will be saddling up and making a similar journey. My first thought was to just walk/hitch it. Then I decided why leave it to chance. Take the ponies and relive what my ancestors did. If you have any suggestions would you please pass them my way.
    I have no attachments here accept family and they said they would keep my phone up so I always have contact. I have money in the bank and just the phone bill to pay now.
    Figured I would head north to Kansas first then east.

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