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The men’s bathroom floor

That’s where we spent our next night. Why? Because we were invited to stay at a closed campground and it was the only heated building on the place! At least it was cleaned for the season and had an open space just big enough to fit two sleeping pads. The owner of the Deerfield Beach Campground was very accommodating and even brought feed for the horses and pizza for us that we ate in our warm bathroom! He told us with excitement that the little corral our horses spent the night in was also used by a cross country rider several years ago who was riding across America in honor of her deceased young son who shared the dream. I believe she made it.

Earlier that day, our previous host came by with his kids who already missed us, and we let them ride the horses down the road with the pack horses in tow for a few minutes. That’s the second little blond girl that’s ever ridden Satchmo, and the first people who have ever pulled our pack string! We all enjoyed it very much.

We were almost Deerfield and trying to figure out which way we were supposed to go, when our hosts for Christmas drove out to meet us! They hooked us up with the campground and helped us get situated, then came back with nice hay for the morning feeding. We were so relieved and excited to see that they were really cool people and we knew we would be going to a nice place for Christmas.

That night, we got to see something really cool. We just happened to hear about a lunar eclipse happening- the first one in 500 years to happen during the winter solstice. So we set our alarms to get up at 1:30 in the morning to peek outside, and we were so thankful that the sky cleared up and we saw a full eclipse. The coolest part was that it actually turned a blush pink color too! I’ve never seen that before.

We are very excited, as tomorrow is the day we ride to our Christmas hosts for a nice holiday break! :)

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