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The Reunion Tour

We gave the horses one day off at the campground, but didn’t dare stay longer since there was bad weather coming in. We had to get to lower elevation. At least they wouldn’t be working near as hard since Grayson would carry all of our gear in his trailer. 3 out of 5 horses would get a rest every day.

We wound our way down out of the mountains to the San Luis Valley below. Grayson had scouted ahead to some possible campsites for the next several days, so we headed to a large corral system many feet of elevation lower.

On our way, we met some ladies at a local general store on their last day of business before closing up for the winter. They invited us in for burgers and sent one along for Grayson too. They offered to host us for the night, but as tempting as it was, we needed to make some more miles that day. The most memorable part of the general store other than the sweet ladies? The sayings on the bathroom wall!

“Why not go out on a limb- it’s where the fruit is!” – Mark Twain

“Success is not measured in wealth, fame, or fortune- but in smile lines.”

“The true treasure in a goal or journey is not in what is gained- but in how one is changed by the experience.”

“You only live once.”

The horses were put to bed in their corrals for the night with some nice alfalfa hay that Grayson brought. We thought that was very thoughtful to think of the horses too. He said he’s “in the feeding business- both for us and our equines!” We went to bed with very full tummies from Grayson’s seriously good cooking!


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