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The Scent of Health

We said goodbye to our new friend Colby (and I sadly hugged his kitty goodbye too) and headed off down the road again. Highway 50 at the moment seems to be working out pretty well. It’s fairly direct and has a nice wide grassy shoulder area to ride. It’s a bit noisy at times, but the back roads in this area would add on quite a few more miles, so we stick to 50. Not 3 miles into our day, a family pulled over excited to meet us. They had seen us in the paper and wanted to help somehow. Before we knew it, they called us back with arrangements made for the horses and for us at a great distance to stop that afternoon! We had had no idea where we were stopping that night, and the unknown was taken care of real fast that day! It’s still a little bit of an adjustment getting used to being in civilization surrounded by private property and not being able to just set up a tent anywhere without getting permission first. Well, we haven’t even had to worry about the tent part lately. The folks in this area haven’t allowed us to camp in the cold but insist we sleep inside, plus they make sure to get our horses fed so we don’t have to scrounge around to find good grass for them! It’s been amazing to watch God seamlessly orchestrate all the details with these new set of challenges- private property, cold, and dead winter grass. Really though, nothing has changed. We still rely on Him to take care of us through the wonderful people He puts in our path.

The son of the family who met us on the road found us in the middle of Lamar and guided us to the horses’ accommodations. Once the horses were taken care of and put in their corrals at a local training race track, we were treated to a yummy Thai dinner, visited their grandmother, and then were taken over to host’s house. When we walked in the door, we could smell the wonderful scent of Christmas and healing essential oils. It didn’t take long to observe that this family was into healthy eating and homeopathy. We stayed up for hours talking to Barbara and Leo and their family about our trip, Hearts Up Ranch, healthy living, and life in general. We hit it off with them and couldn’t seem to stop the conversation to get some sleep. It was definitely one of the latest nights I’ve had lately!

The next day, Barbara spent a couple hours with me explaining how to use essential oils for healing. Basically, they are the condensed and pure version of the supplements you can get in a health food store. It was fascinating and I will definitely be ordering her book on it when we get home.

Leo took us over to take care of the horses, then gave us a tour of the facility. I had never seen a horse swimming pool in person before, so that was really interesting. This seems to be a popular training area for race horses, so I am definitely getting the word out about another crazy dream of mine……working a race horse around a track. Just once around full speed ahead would make me soooo happy! Then he took us over to his Kirby vacuum store (which by the way seem like really good vacuums) where we enjoyed a fun game of pool.

This wasn’t an anticipated stop, but these people were just to cool and we couldn’t resist. Besides, we got a wonderful offer for Christmas in Garden City Kansas and we seem to be getting there faster than we expected. :)

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