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To make a friend…

Conditions must be just right, personalities must mesh, excitement must be mutual, and interests must be similar…. or you can throw all that out the window and expect the unexpected!

Let’s just say our day did not go as planned. Not like it was bad or anything. Just different. We had so many people stop and visit us as we rode (not a bad thing!) that it really slowed down the mileage we were able to make. We were also interviewed by a TV station, had several people stop us to take pictures, and had many offers of places to stop. (None were in the direction we were heading or suitable mileage to end for the day.) Besides, we already had a host family expecting us. But by the time we got to Mount Hope, we realized we had a bit of a problem. We only had an hour of daylight left and about 3 hours left of riding to get to our planned hosts. Hmmm. Not going to make it. We called them to let them know. His question was “What happens if you don’t find anyone else?” Don’t worry about that honey. God’s got it under control. We’ll either find a host, a place to camp, or something will come up.

So I began making more phone calls to contacts of contacts and to people who had stopped us on the road to see what would come of it all.

Meanwhile, I held all the pack horses while Richard trotted back to look at the sign we just passed to see what road we were near…. or so I thought. After hanging up from a phone call, I looked up and Richard was almost out of sight. What in the world?! I suddenly felt very alone and very confused! I made a few more phone calls and waited to see what he was up to. Suddenly, he appeared again moving pretty quickly. He made his way back to me with a sheepish grin. Ummm, he had ridden right past the sign 150 feet away and went to look at the last sign- like a mile back. Oops! His powers of observation were astounding! He he he! :) It’s was even more funny since he’s usually the observant one and he says the above saying to me! Hey, it was a good moment of levity.

My phone rang and a sweet woman’s voice on the other end spoke, “We’d like to invite you to our house and we’re only 3 miles away in the direction you are going.” Music to our ears! One of our contacts had pulled through and found us another host. Plus we had our own escort to their house complete with directions for shortcuts from one of the guys we had met along the road who happened to know our next hosts.

Ken and Shari Blew welcomed us with smiles and helping hands. We were instantly drawn to their their fun, outgoing personalities. We ended up staying up till midnight… but our story with them didn’t end there…..

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