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Too much fun – 2!

Despite being stopped for several weeks, we are not used to speed enough yet to deal with fair rides! Ronnie took us to the tiny local fair on the Four Wheeler Rodeo night. It was pretty cute watching kids to accomplished four wheel drivers barrel race, pole bend, and other fun activities! Bella was quite a hit too with all the onlookers. She was even given a meat scrap by one of the vendors. But we did discover one thing- she’s not to0 fond of pigs! Before we left, I convinced Richard to try a couple fair rides- with absolute  motion sickness resulting! I used to be able to ride those with no problem! Guess over a year of top speeds at 5 mph are going to affect our equilibrium longer than we thought!

Next on the agenda was a true southern tradition – a Bluegrass Festival! We spent the majority of the day sweltering in the heat in the shade watching talented musical artists ‘duke it out’ for the prizes. The evening was pretty fun because that’s when the group bands played- plus the sun had gone down! Bella was so good and enjoyed the attention, but she eventually got bored of just hanging out and started getting silly. It was kinda like the side show for entertainment. :)

But eventually, too much fun turned into “I need a break!!!” We spent several days resting again from all our fun. We were getting too tired from all the entertainment!

We decided it was time to think about doing a little work and getting ready for riding again. So Kenny took one one morning to an Amish harness shop where we spent the majority of the day working hard along side Chris- the Amish leathersmith. We had purchased (through specific donation) adjustable pack saddle trees to make our horses more comfortable. But we had to switch the rigging from our old pack saddles to our new ones, plus make them more easily adjustable. That required quite alot of work. We also added a leather shim of sorts underneath my saddle to try to make it feel more narrow, thus more comfortable to Apache. Despite the work and heat, we had a ton of fun. Chris and his brother JR were absolutely hilarious and fun to work with. We laughed almost the whole time and thoroughly enjoyed our hard work!

But the best part of the day was yet to come. We had very special visitors- all the way from Colorado! Our old hosts Dale and Johnna York as well as their son Joe and daughter Danielle stopped by to visit on their way to a family reunion in Tennessee. It was so wonderful to see them again. We stayed with them in the most emotionally tough time of our marriage on this trip and they helped us through it and are very special to us. It was a short but sweet visit. We got to  meet Danielle since she wasn’t home while we were in Colorado, and they got to meet Bella. It was soooo nice to see them again!

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