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Too much fun!

We did nothing much but rest for another week or so at the Bashams. Once we were finally starting to feel a little more energy and no longer feeling the need for naps during the day, Ronnie and Talli started making sure we were having some fun. And Kenny and Linda made sure some turned into alot!

First on the agenda, Talli gave me some makeup, hair styling products, and access to her closet! Oh yeah- I went all girly- every day- for like two weeks! :) We went on a double date night to dinner and bowling and had a great time getting to know each other better. Lots of laughs and lots in common.

Then they took us to one of the greatest wonders of Kentucky- Mammoth Cave! We went on a 4 hour tour underground through the massive cave system. It wasn’t full of stalactites and stalagmites like some caves, but it was truly a neat tour of more than 4 miles non-stop underground!

Talli went on a mission trip with the teenagers from their church for the week, so Ronnie took us out on a ski boat on Rough River Lake. We got to go water skiing, knee boarding, and tubing. We took it easy, being careful not to get injured, but we had a blast. Bella and Ben came too and got some time to play in the water with little doggy life jackets. But we were soooo sore and tired for the next several days! I don’t think we were recuperated enough yet for that much energy output!

But that weekend was the Fourth of July. We had three parties planned! The first was for a concert and fireworks that one of Ronnie and Talli’s friends in the band invited us to. Their friends Shannon and Aaron joined us and we really liked them too. The next day was a private local party with probably a hundred people who brought pot luck dishes. There was going to be a band at that one too, but a horrendous thunderstorm came through at an inopportune time and we ended up in close quarters visiting in the garage! But the fireworks show later on was quite impressive. And on the actually fourth, a group of family and friends drove up to Louisville to have dinner on the patio at Joe’s Crab Shack (a blast!) and watched the city fireworks over the river. I think it was the most eventful Fourth I’ve ever had! Now after 3 nights in a row of up after midnight partying, we were definitely tired!

The following week, Bella was babysat by Talli’s parents while we went to see Churchill Downs in Louiville and took a tour of the museum. Ironically, we watched Secretariot again with Ronnie and Talli and it was way cool to recognize some of the things in the movie. “We were just there! I saw that!” We thought we’d go to a race there too just to say we had, buuuuuut- race seasoned ended on the Fourth of July. Oh well. It was cool to see anyhow.

Then we got a really special opportunity to do something we’d been wanting to do for a few years- visit the Creation Museum! It was on our list of places to visit while I got flight benefits working at the airport, but never made it to the top of the list before we left on this trip. A three hour drive was within reach, and to top it off, our friends the Landis’ from Jackson Hole gave us access to their guest pass! It was a very well done, high quality museum with lots of fascinating scientific, historical, and Biblical evidence pointing toward a young, created Earth verses a very old evolved Earth. I highly recommend it regardless of your convictions simply to broaden your understanding of various scientific evidence and views, not to mention enjoy some fun while doing it! This kid friendly museum is located just outside Cincinnati. We even got to see a zedonk, a zorse, and ride a camel while there too!


  1. omgoodness you were so close to me at the Creation M, and at the Childrens M, I am the girl that is trying to ride with you guys outside of Lexington, I am working on raising finances to help your ranch per mile I ride, I really hope this happens, I hve begged my friends for years to ride across america, I was going to ride from Cincy to Den where my family is. I am still trying to get this together looking forward to seeing you,

    Cory Wagner

  2. So glad you have had this wonderful break. Sounds like so much fun.
    Still praying for cooler weather for you when you get to start riding again. They say for us that it will be the hottest weather we have had as of yet, next week. Guess that 105 wasn’t so bad after all.
    Hope the horses are all well by now. Good luck with the rest of your ride.

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