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Trail Angels

The second day out from Baker was the most remote and desolate we have been through yet. At one point, we were more than 30 miles in any direction from any sort of civilization with nothing but dry, sandy dirt and sagebrush in between. It was so flat and straight and boring, that I literally fell just about asleep in my saddle! Richard realized Apache was drifting off course, so he herded him back in line and laughed at me as I started awake!

There was one cool natural formation to see though. It was Crystal Peak, a white sandstone peak standing out from the other sage covered mountains around it. It was completely white, with lots of little pocket type holes all over the rock. Pretty neat.

But the best part of the day was when we got to camp. Tana Baker had packed a care package of goodies for us in a cooler and it was stashed at this camp. We took care of the horses, then sat down to enjoy our surprises. We discovered in the cooler home¬† made canned peaches, black olives (we love them!), hot dogs, snacks, pudding, drinks, etc.! What of feast of yummyness after a long hot day! We even had some left over for lunch and dinner the next night. So in case you didn’t know the term, Tana, along with all the other wonderful people who have given us fresh yummy food while we are out on the trail- are called “trail angels.” And they deserve the name too. As I have said before, there are moments along this ride that are very fun and exciting. But there are also times that are very difficult and it is hard to keep putting one foot (or hoof) in front of the other. Trail angels are a great encouragement and boost to our spirit. It’s amazing how God made us to enjoy food and for it to nourish not only our bodies, but our spirits as well. Thank you to our Trail Angels for these much needed boosts of encouragement and nourishment!

And a side note- thank you to my mom for taking the time one day a year to create a picnic for all the through hikers on the Appalachian Trail back east. She’s a Trail Angel too and here’s my thanks to her on behalf of the “through hikers” because we all understand how this keeps us going!


  1. We got “trail angels” in CA, too. They are called the Saddleback Church volunteers (100s make this event a reality)! Greetings from the Celebrate Recovery Summit @Rick Warren Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA!

  2. You two and your horses are such a blessing. I look forward to reading your blog each day. God bless and be with you and your trail angels.

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