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Trees! Glorious Trees!

I grew up in Connecticut where there are trees everywhere. You can’t see very far- there are too many trees. In fact, many people from out west where you can see for miles get claustrophobic when they visit back East. After riding for a couple months now through nothing but sagebrush and sand, I have never appreciated a tree so much in my life!

We left Milford on a rainy, thunderstorming day. That in itself was a nice change. We broke out our rain dusters for the first time since California (the “rainy state”) and found our way over to “The Pass” road that took the back way up over a mountain to the town of Beaver on the other side. There were oak trees, aspen, and vegetation of all sorts up there! There were even creeks and springs- we hardly needed our buckets that were dropped for us! What a wonderful change of scenery from sagebrush, sagebrush, and more sagebrush! It was a long day of 24 miles, but it was cool and beautiful so it hardly seemed long at all!

Ya know, God is good. Just when I thought I couldn’t take another 1:00 am morning, the days started getting shorter, the temperature decreased a little, and we passed through a time zone that allowed us to get up later with the same amount of daylight. AND, just when I was soooo bored out of my mind with sagebrush desert that both my horse and I were literally falling asleep during the ride, we finally came to some new scenery.

We were met with yet another pleasant surprise as we descended into Beaver valley- it was green!!!! There was tall, green grass everywhere! The horses were so excited they barely kept walking! We thought we just walked into Heaven after all that desert. We met our new hosts- the Flanagans- and had a wonderful visit getting to know them as we un-saddled our horses. They are also into barefoot horses and natural horsemanship. Our ponies were in seventh Heaven when they got to go into a lush green pasture! (after a couple flakes of hay to help their bellies adjust)

And apparently, we were really tired. I normally get a little edgy during bad thunderstorms- leftover from a childhood fear. This night had the worst and loudest thunderstorm the Flanagans had seen in many years. We slept right through the whole thing and never even heard a single boom!


  1. I just started investigating the ADT last night. What a pleasure to see a couple of christians dedicated to healing doing the trail. I am 63 and my wife is 72 so I doubt very much if we will ever do the entire trail but we would like to take sample hikes across the country. Are you doing the ENTIRE trail? Does anyone do that? Whatever you are doing, God Speed!

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