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Typical Days…

Bella was just fine in the morning- granted, she was extremely excited to see us- but just fine. Her separation anxiety is improving!

We enjoyed visiting with Dwayne and his family as we prepared to leave in the morning, then headed out for Annapolis and County Road C. Bella gave us another laugh for the day. About a month ago, she slightly blemished her beautiful face by chasing after a rabbit too fast under a barb wire fence. She got poked right between her eyes. This time, she saw a squirrel on our side of the road- fair game! In two bounds she was full speed ahead…. and ran smack into a square wire fence! She hit it so hard that the wire put a nick in a sapling and she bounced backward onto her butt. Talk about a one track mind! We didn’t know if we should laugh or get her a chiropractic appointment! But now she has another line of temporarily missing fur on her pretty face.

We spent most of the day being on the lookout for logging trucks that frequented that otherwise quiet road. They were generally pretty polite, but we had to be aware and try to get off the road as much as we could since they can’t stop or slow down very quickly.

Around the time we had made our 15 miles for the day and were ready to stop at any point, we passed another poverty stricken area. It looked literally like a dump- the kind you see pictures of people in Mexico living in. It was eye-opening that people in our own country live this way. I have lived at times with very little income and you make the best of what you have, but this was so clearly a mindset of hopelessness that it was sad. We had been warned by many Missouri residents concerned for our safety to avoid stopping in areas like this because of the common occurrence of Meth labs. We have no reason to be accusational to anyone in any situation in life, but we have also found it wise to listen to local advice- especially when it is repeated… so we kept walking.

We found a farm that looked maintained and pleasant, had a friendly dog, and the first name on the mailbox was Harold- my father’s name. All were good signs and it seemed God was saying- ‘it’s ok to stop here.’ Sure enough, the couple was kind and welcomed us to camp in their hay barn and use their pasture for our horses.

The following day’s ride, again consisted of watching for logging trucks. But this time, we got to wave to Harold as he drove by in one!  We crossed a really cool bridge, with a couple really dangerous blind corners leading up to it. We did our best to listen for cars coming and work together to be sure cars would be alerted in time that we were around the corner- but there came a point that we just had to pray for safety and make a run for it! No cars came at all while we were in that area and crossing the bridge. God is good! :)

We were watching closely for a short cut we saw on the map-  a trail that would cut off 3 miles of road riding and avoid a big loop north on CR N and down to 67. Sadly, the map was older and that shortcut was now private property that had been very well marked and fenced off with a big, new, fancy gate. We were disappointed that we had to ride all the way around that loop… but it was meant to be. God had a better idea in mind……

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