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Unique water crossing

We experienced a very cool obstacle today. It was the first one of its kind we had seen, but since we have learned that it is a relatively common sight in Missouri.

While traveling down the quiet, wooded, dirt road that we were riding on my birthday, we came across a river. Rather than using an ordinary bridge, the makers of this road chose a more unique method. There was a dam of sorts across the river, but it had large culverts underneath to allow the water through. On top of this dam was a cement pad barely wide enough for two cars. But the most unique thing is that this roadway was low enough that the water actually ran over it about a foot deep! So on our right side was a wide, slow moving, backed up area of the river, underneath us was a rushing current with whirlpools sucking down into the large culverts, to our left was a rushing river, and under our feet was a foot of running water! It was our guess that the water went under the road normally but that the water was particularly high now and was running over the road… until a local told us that it was almost always that way.

So we walked out into the river, let the horses get a drink without ever leaving the road, watched Bella play in the water for a few minutes, and sloshed down the road through the river! It was pretty fun.

Since then, we have seen several crossings on dirt roads that are just cement pads that allow creeks to cross the road without eroding it; also avoiding the need to build a dam. But we have not come across another large river like that one. Definitely a memorable river crossing!


  1. That was Flat Bridge. The deep side is a favorite swimming spot for the neighborhood. And a fairly good fishing spot.

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