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Update on the Kansas Goal

I know many of you have been clicking on the “Kansas Goal” page on the website watching the number steadily climb… rooting for the successful fundraising efforts of the Ride Across America for Hearts Up Ranch.


We expect to be to Fort Scott by the last day or so of January, take a 3 day rest, then step into a new state. Our supporters have increased exponentially as we have been working hard to saturate the Kansas media with our story. But if we have any hope of reaching the goal of 4,000 people giving $50 before we get to the border… we gotta go crazy! We only have two weeks! We’ve seen God work in AMAZING ways. I know it’s possible for some big donors to come along at the last minute. So it CAN be done. Whether someone donated $5 or $500- we divide it into $50 amounts and add it to the tally.

Here’ s the deal. If everyone who saw us in the news on TV, in the newspapers, and heard us on the radio  in Kansas alone … donated just $1 – we’d have met the goal already! But we aren’t limiting it to Kansans to add to the tally! So PLEASE… pass our cause around to all your friends- share this on Facebook- encourage them to give even a small donation by Friday (payday!) and let’s see this fundraiser EXPLODE to benefit Hearts Up Ranch! Just the cost of skipping your morning Java for one day WILL make a difference! Remember- we are out here freezing our fingers as we ride across America to make a difference- so please help us help others- make a donation and pass it on!!!

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