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Watermelon and Rootbeer

Little things mean alot when you don’t have much. But we have been very blessed and often feel that we really do have ‘much.’ For instance, Larry and Margie, our water and hay droppers for this leg took real good care of us. We had a pretty long ride after we left the Neil’s, but we were able to make a small short cut by cutting cross country under some powerlines to cut off a big turn in the road. Then Larry and Margie met us at our arranged camping spot with water, hay, and a cold watermelon! The four of us downed it right then and there, as well as some cold rootbeers! The other times they dropped water for us, they also had cold drinks to share. It was very welcome after a hot ride, and watermelon never tasted so good!

We thank God regularly for all these people we have had the privilege and opportunity to meet, not to mention the help they have given us. We truly mean it when we say that we would not have gotten very far without the help of many strangers who we now consider friends.

The following day was a 20 mile day across a long flat area into Ely. We had to ride on the road for several miles through a canyon with guard rails. Thankfully, the shoulder was wide. Richard entertained himself, but I personally found this to be the most boring day of the whole trip. We had to ride single file the whole day so we couldn’t really talk, and there wasn’t very much exciting to look at.

Once we got to Ely, it did however, become more interesting. We stopped for malts at an old fashioned fountain shop, talked to folks on the street, and were amused that our horses have been out of civilization for so long that they acted as if they’d never ridden through a town. The most hilarious part was when we rode by a McDonald’s that had metal animal figurines on their lawn. Now Apache has seen real moose before and they hardly bothered him, but he was absolutely not going to go near this moose! It wasn’t even life size! We tried seeing if Satchmo would go by, but he stopped, snorted, and looked sideways at it too. By the time we finally convinced them to go by, our whole herd of 4 was strung across the road, which was certainly not empty of vehicles and trailer trucks!

We found our way to our next stop just west of Ely at CrisAnne and Hal Bybee’s horse property. And how God has blessed us at this stop too!………


  1. I think this is my favorite picture so far! I’ve taken pictures through a windshield, over a car’s hood, but never over my horse’s head. I love it!!!! And I love you guys and praying for you!

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