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WE DID IT!!!!!

We are so ecstatic! There are no words….. we are overwhelmed with joy!

We have so many wonderful stories, thoughts, and photos to share with you. Please forgive the delay while we visit family and friends who came from all over the country to watch us finish. When ‘the dust settles’ a bit more, we will be sure to share blogs about the grand finale of the Ride Across America. In the meantime, check out Facebook where many people have already posted pictures and the Virginia $ tally!!!!!


  1. I was one of the privledged onlookers waiting and watching as Richard and Jeannette approached the oceanfromnt area of Virginia Beach to complete their fabulous journey. After reading a local news article a fews days beforehand, I made it a priority to welcome them as they reached the end. I took my wife and three friends to cheer them on shake their hands. Words cannot describe the excitement in the air and the feelings of the crowd that day. Fantastic !

  2. Congratulations!! I think this is so amazing! I would have never known about what you both were doing if I had not passed you on my way home from work. I wish you much success with your ranch!!!!

    Jessica Bain

  3. I read your story in the local Petersburg paper and was so touched by what you were doing. My family lives in Va. Beach and I happened to be going to visit on the day you arrived. I was determined to be at the oceanfront when you did. I can’t tell you how it affected me when I saw ya’ll coming down the street and heading for the ocean. I was moved to tears and I can only say I was touched by the Holy Spirit by what ya’ll were doing and that I could be there and make a small contribution and shake your hands and hug you. I pray God will multiply all of your donations and will continue to bless you and your ranch. What an awesome witness you both are!!

  4. Hi, Think about you often and hope your trip was a financial success . Of course it was a personal and emotional success. When people read about it , they can realize how wonderful people really are–your goal and the many who helped you along the way. WOW!
    Look forward to hear about your future plans.
    Love, Karen

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