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We did it!!!!

It’s hard to explain how it feels to cross one of the biggest milestones on this ride. The Rocky Mountain Continental Divide and the Mississippi River fairly closely cut this country in thirds. They were both HUGE markers for our progress. We have been looking forward to this a very long time. We have many more wonderful places to go through- but the light is at the end of the tunnel and the Atlantic is the next goal- the final goal! :)

Richard and I were all smiles the day we crossed the river. The day before, we got rained out with some pretty serious thunderstorms, so we  had to postpone a day. But the weather was nice and everything fell into place. We had four local horseriders show up to escort us through town, along with our gold-plated pooper scoopers! A wonderful professional photographer- Moores Photography- spent the day capturing the moments as a donation, and the local police department, including Lt. John Davis- our very first Cape Girardeau contact- escorted us through town.

The Mayor, Harry Rediger, gave Richard and I a very nice proclamation of the town’s support of our ride and Hearts Up Ranch, and Gail Conrad and Mr. Miller – two people who spent a lot of time helping us organize this event- were also there to show their support. We were appreciative to Pastor Shawn for his prayer for our safety and success, and to all the wonderful Cape area citizens who were there to welcome onlookers and pass out literature. Richard and I had some time to share the mission of Hearts Up Ranch to the small crowd that came, and then we had a great time taking pictures with all our supportive new friends.

On our way over the bridge, we were so excited that we couldn’t stop smiling! The horses were absolutely perfect, especially since we were so excited. The police did a great job protecting us from the bridge traffic, and Rebecca and her helpers did wonderful capturing the moments! Channel 12 put us live 3 times on their noon hour as we crossed the bridge, and I nearly cried when I saw the Illinois sign in the middle of the Mississippi! It was positively exhilarating.

We look back and all we see are a crowd of faces- new friends, supporters, helpers, people who we could not do this without, people in Cape Girardeau and people across the country we have traveled. We see very little of our own strength, we simply see the special people God has put in our lives and the protection and blessings He has bestowed upon us. We are elated to have made it this far and we are so looking forward to the final leg of the Ride Across America!


  1. So glad you weren’t in the tornado areas.
    Beautiful photos. You are my sunhine!
    LOL, Terry

  2. Wow I am soo proud of you guys!!! My Dad and I are still following you guys everyday!!! He has his
    map(3 of them) in fact 2or 3 times a day!! It is so cute you would think he knows you guys!! You guys are his highlight. He shows everyone where you guys are!! You touch peoples lives everywhere you go!!
    I showed him the pic of you guys crossing Mississippi, he wants me to print it!!! Someday when you get home and not busy maybe you could call him!! He would LOVE that!! Love you guys!! God Bless you!!

  3. We were happy for you the day you crossed the Mississippi but today as I read your blog and see the pictures I can’t explane the emotions I feel. Seeing your happy faces as you cross the bridge and the wonderful people there for you gives me such strong feelings. You touch so many lives as you travel on your journey. We keep track of your progress daily and wish for you so much. May all your dreams come true.

  4. It has been an honor to have you bless our family while you are in Beech Grove. I will follow you the rest of the way!

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