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We have another horse!

This is just a quick “real time” update to let you know that prayers have been answered. We have been GIVEN a wonderful fifth horse who can both pack and be ridden. His new name is Chance, he is 12 years old, all black with no markings except a cool wolf head brand, and he is part Appaloosa and part Ute Indian mustang pony. We officially own him as of now and will get the final paperwork to be able to transport him across state lines tomorrow afternoon. Our four horses are accepting him quite well and he seems like he will fit in just fine. He is a little taller than Tiska, but much broader. We will be getting to know him in the next few weeks as we cross the Rocky Mountains. Satchmo also continues to heal and is doing well, but will not be able to be used for a few weeks. He will just enjoy a walk through the mountains without carrying anything! The weather continues to looks good, so please continue to pray for that and for our safety.

We will give you more details about how we found Chance in a handful of days when it comes up chronologically on the blog! :) But I couldn’t wait to tell you right now that we found a fifth horse so we are able to continue the ride. Thanks again for all your prayer, networking, help, and generosity. Love to all- Richard, Jeannette, Tiska, Apache, Satchmo, Fiddle, Chance, and Hearts Up Ranch


  1. This is wonderful. Im so happy for you and hope that Satchimo heals. Im excited for you too, and am glad that you wrote about this even if it is out of order. Good lcuk crossing the mountains!!

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