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The horses are conspiring against us- I know it. First, Apache squeals at mares for three nights in a row. Then, the horses fight half the night in their small corral until we got up and tied them. Now last night, they ran around in their historical Pony Express corral like something was about to eat them. As you know, this is definitely not the first time the horses have kept us up at night. We got up several times, shined our flashlights, saw nothing in the light or moon glow, and got up again an hour later to repeat. They have Richard paranoid too; he woke up 5 times yelling “mustangs are here!” and I jumped up and checked just to realize he was dreaming. I think I whacked him the fifth time! Then during the day, they’ve been walking so slow that we don’t get to camp in time to get any rest or early sleep. To top it off, Richard and I had a nasty argument- the only really bad one of the whole trip- mainly triggered by sleep deprivation. (At least we recognized this, hugged and apologized, and had a happy day afterwards.) We really are beginning to think that there is a horsey conspiracy…….
Actually, it seems that they are nervous being in the wide open with no sense of anywhere to hide. We have noticed that they seem to rest better when they are in more concealed areas than it vast spaces at night. And I never realized how much horses need their sleep too. When they rest well, they walk fast, but when they worry all night- I’ve seen slugs pass us during the day!
Additionally, the weather has been taxing as it is hot during the day, and as we go up in elevation, it is getting downright cold during the wee hours on some nights. It is hard to be shivering violently with numb fingers and toes, then four hours later be sweating standing still. To top it off, everything out here will either sting you or prick you. I’ve had to retrain myself not to sit on the ground to prevent prickers in my derriere! So all in all, the desert is a tough place. I thank God for our protection though, as despite the challenges, it really has gone as smoothly as we can dare hope for. But, if you would, please pray for restful nights for both horses and humans- it would make all the difference in the world!


  1. It’s 2:18 Am here…time for you to get up…but I’ll be counting sheep for you… 1001, 1002…1 trillion!

  2. By the way…what are those green circles on GPS map? If they are crops why do they plant in circles?

  3. Terry:
    To answer your question those are hay fields; irrigation is by pivots that go in a circle. The hay here in Diamond Valley is high quality Timothy; alfalfa or orchard grass shipped worldwide. It is the only crop presently grown in Diamond Valley (Eureka, NV).

    We had the extreme pleasure meeting R & J while they were in Eureka NV.

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