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We should have known better!

(remember- this blog took place prior to our arrival in Lexington)

We are only human. The Bible is filled with historical accounts of people who trusted God and were blessed, then quickly forgot how much they could trust Him, and then were reminded again. I am so glad we have kept a journal of this trip because then we can never doubt our memories as to how much God has taken care of us.

Hold that thought….

The day we left the tobacco barn was a joy. Charlie and Patty, a couple who loved to share worthy events and charities through the lense of their cameras, joined us for the morning. While Mike helped us pack, they were busy taking photos, which they later gave to us. You can see and even print many of them, by the way, in several different albums at this link:

Our day went relatively smoothly and Bella seemed to be walking fine. We made it to Mike’s friend, Ray, who hosted us for the night. He found us hay and we put our horses in his fenced in grown up garden! Mike and Darlene came to make sure we made it ok. Later that night, Bella actually grabbed a block of poison that Ray had between his washer and dryer, and thank God he saw her carrying it and took it away from her. She had diarrhea and wasn’t feeling the greatest for a few days, but was otherwise fine. That was close and we are so thankful Ray saw her and acted fast.

Back to the first thought…

The day we left Ray’s was a road we had been worried about riding on for weeks. You should see it on the map. It’s crazy twisty and narrow with lots of blind corners and doesn’t look any better in real life than on paper. We put on all our orange reflective clothing, rehearsed our traffic control plan, and went for it.

We didn’t have any major scares all day. Every time there was a sharp corner, there was either no traffic, or there was a patient driver behind us right before the curve and they followed us around the whole thing which buffered us from other cars. For the very worst and longest corner, a reporter had found us and ended up following us the whole way around the corner and also to our host’s house for the night. We had quite a line of traffic behind us when we finally got to a place we could pull over and let them pass, but we made it through that whole scary section of road without any danger to our lives. God is so good and is way ahead of us in the details. We should have known better than to worry about it!

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