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Week One – Down!

Pheeew! Made it through the first week back on the road! That was harder than even we expected. I’ll go into detail later when I’m not so tired to think. But suffice it to say; Monday went pretty well, Tuesday and Wednesday were worthy of making us want to quit, Thursday was tolerable, and today FINALLY went smoothly. It’s rough getting started again with fat and fresh horses and no more callouses! But we made it through 5 days, we have a place to rest for the weekend, and we’ll continue to head toward Lexington next week. Prayer requests: Richard to get over his cold, my pulled back to relax, and all our new (minor) rub marks on horses from unfamiliar equipment and un-calloused skin to heal quickly! (And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of our week!) More to come…… :) For now- sleep!


  1. Sorry your first week was so rough. Will be praying that things improve for the next week. Wishing you well.

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