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This link was shared with me via email. We had no idea we were being videoed- so this came as a fun surprise! It’ll give you a fast forward overview of what we do every morning before we ride. There’s a lot of other work involved… but it’s fun to see the process. For the curious… the other people in the video were new friends we met who wanted to help us get ready. It was unusual and nice to have help. Oh, and by the way…. it was ridiculously cold that day!

You know, I find it highly ironic that I have learned far more about computers, the internet, websites, Facebook, etc. since I have been riding my horse across America than I ever knew before I left home! It took me how many months to figure out how to share pictures on the blogs?! A week ago, I didn’t even know how to share a video! That means…. we may get to share some of the video footage Richard has taken along the whole trip in the near future. :) It will be even more like you are right here riding along with us! Enjoy.. and remember- please help us spread the word by sharing this with all your friends and asking them  to share it with theirs! Happy Trails to you too! – Jeannette and Richard

<iframe title=”YouTube video player” width=”640″ height=”390″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/oaz0x9cZUT4” frameborder=”0″ allowFullScreen></iframe>

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