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We’re skipping the desert and trailering to Colorado!

Just kidding- but I admit- those words burst out of my mouth today! Too little sleep eventually catches up with you. We only had 12 miles to ride today to get to Eureka, but they felt very, very, very long. Three days in a row of 20 miles was great, but the forth day was plenty and we were glad it was short. Endurance is improving, but still isn’t peaked yet.

We haven’t figured out how to deal with the desert yet and maybe we never will. Getting up really early is the pits. It helps us beat the heat, but then we are trying to sleep in the heat of the day and sweating to death. We have to sleep so early that people are just getting done with their day and have time to visit when we need to be going to bed. But if we got up later, we’d have to ride in the heat. Any ideas? Maybe there is no answer other than getting through it as quickly as possible.

I admit it- I got really cranky today. Richard was kind and kept quiet (though he admitted later that he was trying not to laugh at me!) I was frustrated with the horses going slow and being tired, I was irritated at every little thing, I was so tired I could barely lift the bags to pack the horses, and I decided in a fit of anger that I could no longer deal with the desert and I was trailering to Colorado! But Ruben and Sissie came to the rescue and brought us burgers and fries as we pulled into Eureka. The food helped a little. We met our new host, Terry, who knew we were coming (thanks to Wes), and our Austin helpers made sure we were all set in our new rest spot before we said our teary goodbyes and they headed home. We’re going to miss those guys. The horses struck it good this week- their rest spot is a pasture this time! They are happily out munching grass and carefully avoiding us! We- well- we are catching up on sleep!

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  1. We live near Baker, up towards the Caves, talked to Roberta who works at the park and said it was ok to stop a couple of days at our place. We have about 8 acres fenced with a creek running through it. We are trying to get to Baker with our horses and hope to be there in a few weeks. Hope! They have T-shirts that say “I survived hwy 50” and you will find out why. At least you are riding in the high desert, we are about 50 miles NE of San Diego and the lower desert is about 30 miles to the east of us and 115 today. Will try to follow your progress.
    Robert Hayden
    Baker, Nevada and Santa Ysabel, CA.

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