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Wet Feet

Well, about as wet as our feet got was going out to put the horses out to graze. When we woke to see icicles hanging from the trees in addition to the forecasted rain, we totally lost our resolve to ride in the rain. Rain is one thing. Rain and ice is another. I simply have no desire to get sick for a third time in one month. The black ice warning settled it. Without cell reception or long distance on the land line, we had no options of making needed phone calls. So we spent the rest of the day on the computer doing a not-so-fun chore of inputing data. But it was good use of a rainy day.

But the following day was more of the same. The forecast was that the rain would hold off until early afternoon. We set our alarms for 4:30 am to start real early and end early. It was raining already when the alarm rang. And there was ice again. Forget it! The horses spent most of the day enjoying the lawn of the Timber Lodge and we continued to get computer work and mending done. We even had time to enjoy a little quiet quality time together.

The rain/ice days turned out to be a wonderful blessing. We got to meet a really cool group of guys that came in for a 4-wheeling weekend at the Lodge. We shared a dinner and breakfast with them, as well as stories, laughs, and good times. The cool thing was that many of them live in the Cape Girardeau area and were excited about helping us as we got near their stomping grounds. In addition to crossing the river, we were looking forward to getting to see our new friends again! It’s always fun to have a familiar face to welcome you to a new area.

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  1. Hope the weather warms up and stays nice for you.
    It’s been on and off here too-sunny, warm then rainy and damp and cold.
    But it still is beautiful.
    Take care.
    Love, Karen

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