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What does 3:00 in the morning look like?

This was a question we were asked on one of our comments. I thought it was very intriguing.  As I like to put it, I am a recovering night owl! I am trying desperately to become a morning person so I am getting quite an education about the wee hours of the morning. There are strange creatures on the loose, interesting sights, eerie sounds, and sunrises- which I have seen very few of up until this trip! So here is a small collection of our experiences from 3 in the morning!

A surprise lunar eclipse-   It was a full moon when we woke up. Then I heard Richard say, “I thought the moon was more full than that!?” I looked up and exclaimed- “It is! That is an eclipse!”

While we were packing the horses, I happened to look over my shoulder and saw this site. It awed me. It was like a window into a fairy land – a perfectly sun kissed passage through the trees into a golden wonderland.

This is the water spray of a territorial beaver smacking the water in hopes of scaring us away. It kept us awake for well over an hour. I’m amazed the flash picked this up so well- probably because of the full moon.

It is hard not to be distracted in the morning when we are getting ready to go when we have such beautiful sights to stare at. It’s a good thing I am getting up earlier and earlier wiht more ease- then we are already traveling by the time the sun rises so I can stare all I want! :)

Well- this is more like 5:30 a.m. but our shadows looked pretty cool!

This herd of cows thought we were pushing them along for nearly an hour. We were only walking along their path, but they were convinced- so they ran in front of us for many miles. Their dust caught the first rays of sun in a mystical way.

The first glimpse of sun always quickens the heart- and squints the eyes!

Mornings- I really am beginning to appreciate them!

………… Then there are all the things we don’t have pictures of (yet). Like 10 legged spider/scorpion bugs the locals call vinegaroons. They communicate with high pitch squeaks only mice, dogs, and the acute of hearing can pick up. Very creepy.

Then there are coyotes, gear eating mice who favor harrassing innocent horseback travelors, mosquitos, mustangs, and owls. Don’t worry- next time a mustang bothers our horses, I’m grabbing the camera first!


  1. So appreciate the 3am photos and description of areas. Don’t know how close you will come to Elko but want you to know the next BLM round-up is in ELKO county, on Owyhee, Rock Creek and Little Humboldt Herd areas. 1,137 to 1,197 horses will be removed. Starts July 9th for three weeks.
    Hope you can avoid that area. Helicopters would really spook the horses. Looks like you will be south of this area but if you want info on this contact David Overcast, Tuscarora Field Manager 775-753-0320. Be careful!

    God be with you and keep you safe!

  2. Morning photos are beautiful! I love early mornings. I probably started my mornings early from living on a farm with chores to do before the bus came for school! And then I awoke, and still do, by 5 am just to keep up! Thanks for all your sharing with us..not as good as being there, but really nice. When you two are 85, this is going to make some great stories to tell your Grandchildren! Love you, Janet

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