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What’s in a name?

“Chance” is the name we chose for our new horse. His previous owner called him “Wolf” for the unique brand on his hip. And his original name was Hay Burner or “Burner.” The story goes that he was born in a hay pile and didn’t leave it for days as he was content to sit there and munch. A real eating enthusiast! (He apparently maintains that joy as he carries a few extra pounds to show for it!)

With all due respect to his original owners, we simply couldn’t warm up to the name “Burner.” We threw around many ideas- Rocky for Rocky Mountains, and my tongue-in-cheek favorite- Aspen. We decided we better not name him that because I have a tendency to shorten names. You know- Satchmo is often Satch, Apache is Cheese (long story how I came up with that one), Tiska is Tisk- you get the picture. Aspen- well, that wouldn’t have been a good idea! :)

So we settled on Chance. It fits him and it is in honor of him joining our journey and giving us a second chance to successfully make our Atlantic coast goal.


  1. We loved meeting you both on the trail yesterday! we are the gals in skirts.. will be following you along the way.. stop by on your way back if possible..

  2. Dear Richard and Jeannette, I am so excited for all of you. God is answering prayers for you minute by minute! Praise Him for His faithfulness! You are inching your way closer to the continental divide and I know you are anticipating that so much. How cool to see daily what tree you are sitting under or field you are camped out in! What an amazing age of tecno we live in! Some days I feel like I am right there with you…actually I am , in praying for your careful footsteps. I am very appreciative to know and love you both and get to share a tiny bit in this journey. Know I am watching you every day and praying! Love your blogs…can’t miss those! They connect all of us following you and sometimes our hearts skip a beat with you in the exciting moments you share with us! I do not know what God is preparing you both for in the future…but He sure has given you some amazing HOMEWORK! Wow! Love you..janet

  3. So happy you guys are able to continue on now that you have your new horse! Your perseverance is truly inspiring. Love you!

    Lisa & Jeff

  4. We don’t have a website so hope this works! We are Dave and Betty Rainey and we met at Mountain View Inn in the town of Westcliffe. We visited with Richard and Doug before we went to “The Feed Store” for dinner, where you were also invited for dinner. Next morning we met the two of you at breakfast, with Doug cooking. That was when we learned more about you and were so impressed with your undertaking. We know you made it to Pueblo and are having a much needed rest. We will be following you as you progress. May God be with you as you go on your way.

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