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Where’s town? “You’re in it.”

< FYI- please go back to the last three blogs- to “Kaboom”- to see the pictures that I finally was able to load. You will enjoy them!>     

There were two ways we could leave McGath lake and head towards Boulder, Utah. We couldn’t decide which way would be better or faster. We’d received equal advice on both directions. So we flipped a coin. We learned a couple days later that we chose the best way. It was quite an enjoyable ride through more aspen, wildflowers, past a couple more shallow lakes, and through a couple creeks (with water!) We met quite a few camouflage clad people on four wheelers- archery hunting opened this weekend. I still don’t get how dressing invisibly, yet driving a loud vehicle, is supposed to create a successful hunt- but it sure was popular.

The trail was much easier than the last couple days. We really didn’t know exactly where we were going, so we used the compass and our best educated guess to decide which trail to take each time we came to a junction. We did fairly well, except we ultimately came to a locked gate which was a dead end and close enough to the road that went to Boulder that we could hear it. The sign on the gate said that we apparently weren’t supposed to be on the side of it that we were, but we saw no signs on our way in. We weren’t about to turn around and go miles back to try a different way, so we did some fencing to get out of where we weren’t supposed to be, and well- incidentally ended up trespassing on someone else’s property. We just couldn’t win on this one! We don’t condone trespassing and we try to avoid it- but we made our way as quickly as we could down and out the ranch driveway to the paved road.

We knew it was only a few miles to Boulder where we would meet up with a man Ole knew for a short rest before we got into some challenging canyon country. We came to a couple buildings and decided to ask directions to Boulder to get an idea of how much further it was. We were informed that we were standing right smack in the middle of town! OH…..! I guess we weren’t going to be doing anything too memorable for our anniversary!

We made our way to Wulf”s house, Ole’s friend, and knocked on our door to let him know we had arrived. The conversation went a little different than I anticipated.

“Hi! You must be Wulf.”


“I’m Jeannette McGrath- and Richard is with the horses. We just arrived.”

“Oh……?”    Pregnant pause.

“We’re the one’s riding our horses across America- we stayed with Ole.”


Uh oh. Here we go again. It reminded me of the sweet couple in Beaver that weren’t expecting us either but we were under the impression they were. It turned out that Wulf never got Ole’s message that he was sending us to Wulf’s house. But Wulf, being a gracious host, learned our story and met our horses, then decided that he would indeed let us stop there. The horses were put out onto a lush green pasture, which they thoroughly enjoyed, then we were invited in the house to meet the neighbors and the rest of the gang. Wulf and his wife, Kristen, were art teachers who hosted art students in their home for months at a time. It was quite a unique and fun bunch of people. Before the end of the night, we had a meeting set up with a local who would help us with trail directions for the next leg of our journey.

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  1. WOW! You are meeting some great people! Art teachers in the middle of no where. My kind of folks!
    Hope you got to see some of their work.

    You are a long way from riding subways in NYC! Thank God you are not going there!

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