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Why flies are useful….!

Flies are pesky creatures- good for one thing- a solid smash with a fly swatter- or so we thought. We have now discovered their use…..

After riding the rest of the way over the last mountain range in Nevada, we came out once again to highway 50. We had stopped to water the horses at a trough we found and paused for a “discussion” (training session) with Tiska who is not good about letting Fiddle drink. You see, Fiddle is tied to the back of Tiska’s pack saddle, and Tiska likes to swing her butt away from the water so Fiddle can not reach. It’s frustrating for us because we have to take special care to see that Fiddle can get water. We decided it’s past time Tiska learn that this is not very nice behavior!

Back to the flies…. We chatted with a nice couple on a motorcycle vacation, had to do some fencing to get around a cattle guard at a park, rode down highway 50 for a mile, and suddenly we were swarmed! These little flies did not seem to be biting, they were just annoying. The horses were annoyed too- so what did they do? They walked fast- really fast! I think we were close to covering 6 miles an hour for close to two hours! Our 22 mile day (only 6 miles shorter than yesterday) was finished 3 hours earlier! Now let’s see….. if we do the math- that means that if we go- say 5 miles an hour- we will get a 20 mile day done in 4 hours leaving plenty of time to relax. Hmmmmm- should we attract these flies instead of repel them? Naaah. But it was cool for a day!


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  2. Ha! That IS a most original use for flies! My Granny always said to look for the silver lining, and it looks like you surely applied it in this case!

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