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Woops- wrong turn!

Our peaceful little campsite was also the perfect location to pack up on a drizzly morning. The trees were overhanging just right in one area where it created a little shelter from the rain for the most part.

That day’s ride was quite enjoyable and beautiful. We rode through more farmland and wooded areas with trees overhanging the road. With the rolling hills and the rain, the grass looked so green that it reminded me of a trip I once took to Scotland. The horses were cruising along at a nice clip, all was going well, and we were enjoying our slightly rainy day.

Then Richard spoke outloud, “I think we took a wrong turn.”

“What?!” That pulled me out of my quiet contemplation and observation of nature as we wandered down the road.

Suddenly our progress halted to a dead stop. We pulled out the map, flagged down our first car victim so they could tell us where we were, and quickly discovered that we were indeed going the wrong way. I then made a desperate attempt to discover a shortcut by asking the locals in their yard about private roads and if they connected- to no avail. You see, we were on 646 which makes absolutely no sense, goes in like 3 different directions, makes a loop, and isn’t even marked on all its turns. We had followed the only marked route around the loop and by the time we realized we were going the wrong way, there was no short way back to our planned route. We sat down on the wet road with a piece of grass and our map to measure if it was shorter to turn around or to keep going north around the loop and take the next road back southeast. It was actually shorter to keep going north. Soooo, we took a ‘joy ride’ on  4 or 5 extra miles (which to you doesn’t sound like much, but to us feels like forever long of a mistake because every step matters.)

But after we got over the disappointment, we made the best of it and continued to enjoy the scenery. We stopped at a reining ranch to ask if they knew a place we could stop. She actually knew Heather, my friend who was in the reining competition in Lexington, and she made a phone call to a friend who had more space for us than she did. It turned out to be quite a long day, but we made it to Kathy and OH’s ranch where they offered to host us for the weekend so we could rest the horses.

They put us up in their sleeper trailer where we enjoyed heat during the rainy night. They had a beautiful view from their ranch where we got to see our first glimps of the foothills of the Appalachians off in the distance. The Daniel Boone National Forest was in view and we are heading that way.  It’s kind of exciting, actually, to see mountains again. It’s been a while. And besides, that means we are getting closer….! :)

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  1. Hi Jeannette and Richard. We are about 3 hours south of where you guys are currently. We are planning to drive up just to see you and the four legged group. We think it would be exciting. Have read all your back blogs and just love what you are doing and representing.

    Love and God Bless,
    Barbara and Jerry
    Hampton, TN

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