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Youngest Member of the Apache-pony-ride club

Despite his bucking quirk that I mentioned yesterday, Apache is an extreme gentleman when it comes to very young or any sort of special needs people on his back. We have on a couple occations, put Richard’s mom who often uses a wheelchair, on his back. Apache walks like he is on eggshells for her.  He does the same when very small children are on him. And when the lady who was 96 years old rode him- despite his bizzare spunkiness that day- he was very, very careful.  He has given countless pony rides to kids of all ages who have a special reason for wanting to sit on a horse.

And so, when Richard and I were stopped by a young family with a newborn who wanted to take their pictures with us- they got a special picture opportunity.

Meet this six week old baby- the youngest member of  Apache’s pony ride club!


  1. Thanks so much for the putting the picture of my granddaughter and new great-grandson on the blog. They were so excited to see something like this since they live in a big city. Elaine Welborn

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